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Ellie & Luke's 'the one where they got married' 

A couple who are big fans of Friends, somehow made their big day in the theme of the tv show and had all the extra trimmings to resemble it. From the mirrors with their table seats, walking down the aisle to the theme tune, and even had a surprise from the guests when they contributed in making their own version of the song!! It was pure magical for these two, and I am so pleased to have had the honour to capture such an exclusive day! 

Laura & Perry's Ravenswood Romance!

One of my last few weddings left of 2023 and this did not disappoint! Laura and Perry had the loudest and proudest bridal party I have ever come across!! You could hear the girls outside the venue!! Before I even stepped foot in the building I knew this was going to be a mad one! 

Though it was raining not one person dampened the mood, the newly weds enjoyed every second and even took themselves outside for photo's in the evening, it was nothing less than perfect! 

Jade & Warens' Winter Wedding!

As a mix of two cultures and families become one, it was a privilege to be part of such a legacy by filming their wedding. With Mauritian roots myself, food and music cultures were brought in along with English traditional ceremonies with both sets of friends and families enjoying the flavours. This was a vibe of a wedding, one I'll never forget. 

Eryn & Neill's Castle Wedding!

These two got married in the biggest castle I think I have ever seen! Not too sure if the video itself will show its true size, but their love for one another fits the grand scale of this whole wedding! Eryn had booked me years ago, with non stop communication - so this was like filming a good friend of mines wedding day. 

Lilly & Chris's "Big Fat Greek Wedding"

My first greek traditional wedding and wow, what a day this was! Lilly insisted the bridal prep' was not filmed as the groom prep' or Stolisma was caught on camera. I wish all groom preps had this energy, it's a great way to start your wedding! Chris was surrounded by his family as they dressed him, shaved him, and gave him the full greek stolisma setup to get him started with his wedding day. This was a vibe to film! 

Karen & Luke's "Lough'd in Love" Wedding Day!

A short 45 minute flight to Belfast then a 2 hour drive to County Fermanagh I got to this wonderful wedding venue, The Lough Erne Resort to capture these two beauties getting married. Luke booked me back in early 2022 just after Covid19, so it feels like we've both been waiting a very long time for this wedding and to meet, though we have constantly been communicating! 

With him and his groomsmen party in their kilts, Karen and bubba in their amazing dresses, I was able to capture them in their full glory! 

Charlotte & Robs' Million Dolla Wedding! 

I met Char' at a wedding fayre and before she had even seen my work we hit it off straight away with jokes and giggles with her mother and friends next to her. I knew she was the kinda peeps I like to film. Once she sat down and watched a few videos at my stand she booked me right there and then, without telling her husband!! the best compliment I had was from Rob at the wedding when he pulled me aside to tell me how good of a job I'm doing and how he was 1000% against the video and how they had many arguments having me haha! He apologised to Charlotte and bought me a drink! Nevertheless the day was amazing, full of humour and crying (good cries) and the rest is history! 

Shannen & Lukes' Irish Wedding!

Shannen found me through the power of social media and didn't take long to book me and I am so glad she did!! I took a short flight to Belfast and then 30 minutes to Crawfords Burn which has a lovely coastal stretch and was able to capture Luke and Shan's wonderful wedding day with all their family and friends watching by their side. 

Clare & Robs Dreamy Dunwood Wedding Day!

As for unique, this wedding day really was it! These two are crazy in love.. along with banter, giggles and bad behaviour (in a good way)!! 

I took a 3.5hour car drive up past Stoke-On-Trent to a lovely little village called Leek where I was able to capture these two gems on their wedding day, alongside the perfect Pix By Vix who got me the gig. With the morning being horrendous with rain (in the middle of summer) somehow the sun made its way out just before the ceremony.. the rest is history. Sit back and watch these two get hitched with their amazing guests in this alternative venue, defiantly a place I want to film again! 

Lynsey & Russel's Stunning Surrey Wedding! 

These two took full advantage of having their wedding day 5 minutes away from their home in a lovely outdoor / barn venue. The secret thing about these two was that they already got hitched in Mauritius but never told anyone, until the evening when they had their speeches. They were completely nervous to tell anyone as the day rolled out like any other wedding would, though the response was amazing and a great shock to everyone! 

Emma & Craig's wonderful Highley Manor celebrations!

Emma & Craig were hugely unlucky with the rain which poured on their wedding day, however this did not dampen the spirits for these two who still had the best wedding day!! With the "show must go on" attitude we still got all the pictures and love throughout the day, and when there was a gap in the weather with the rain, we got pictures outside with the guests and bridal party - so nothing got missed! 

Sharney & Lee's Huge Horsley Towers Wedding!

From the minute I spoke to these two there was never any doubt that these two wanted to throw a huge party on their wedding day, and boy didn't they deliver! They had the stunning Horsley Towers to bring all their guests too, and it is purely stunning and they got hitched outside under the sun! From the first minute I got there these two were 'on it' and it felt like a party all day. By the time the party did happen they had an incredible DJ who played anthem after anthem of dance music - this was such an energetic wedding day and you'll know just by watching the highlights! 

Virginia & Chris's Oaks Farm Wedding!

I met these two at a wedding fair and we hit it off instantly, "when you know, you know!" before any video content was watched by them we were laughing and bantering, I just knew I had to have the opportunity to film their special day and they booked me within minutes at the time. Since then we. have never looked back and this day was a joy for all. This was my first time at Oaks Farm and hopefully not going to be my last. 

I spent the morning with Virginia and her family as she prepared for the day ahead, whilst heavily pregnant Virginia took the day on full steam with smiles and sass! Chris laid out the finest speech I have ever come across, actually everyones speeches was heartwarming and it was a honour to be part of their special day!

Lauren & Emma's Love at the Lighthouse!

The standards were set for these two as they got hitched at The Clandeboy Hotel in Belfast. 

Lauren and Emma were surrounded by love from their family and friends throughout the day and with the sun on their faces they were able to enjoy the day with zero pressures. With two bridal preparations in the morning I was able to film both ladies In their homes, then a short but sweet ceremony at the hotel. The eye catching moment was the reveal shot between each other at the lighthouse which is a special place for these two, oh and the reveal shot was pure class, watch the video for more fun and love love love!

Rebecca & Lewis's Eloped Wedding at The Mill!

The Mill at Ballyduggan is a favrioute of mine and I was able to film two lovebirds who trekked it from central London to get hitched in front of their loved ones. This being the second (of three) wedding from the 6 days I am in Northern Ireland for, the sun and smiles were out all day long and many had taken the 500 mile journey to see how beautiful Downpatrick is. Every wedding is different and every time I am shown how love can be consumed in so many different ways, these two have been together 16 years, have a young child and one on the way, love shows no boundaries and these two are perfect for each other! 

Sarah & Pete's Lovely Larchfield Wedding!

491 miles from my home I kicked off the wedding season at the beautiful Larchfield Estate with Sarah & Pete. Usually nerves are shown before the ceremony but honestly there was none, these two had been away from each other for a few days so they were eager to see each other and the first time they did left Pete in tears! Just before the ceremony I came back to the bridal prep' and Sarah, with a glass of Prosecco in one hand was dancing to Boyzone with her girls!! Once these two had been hitched they were soon back with their dogs who made a cameo appearance for the family pictures! With the sun blasting all day I can hands down say these two are full of love and it was an honour to film such an important day in your lives.

Abi & Dalton's Romantic Ravenswood Wedding!

What a fantastic day in the heart of beautiful Surrey where I was able to film at The Ravenswood wedding venue for these two beauties! Abi called me 3 weeks before her wedding as she was told by her friends to grab a videographer, to my surprise she chose me and I feel like I had known her and Dalton for many years! This day had sunshine, smiles, Prosecco and love! 

Jasmine & Noasie's New Years Day Wedding in the heart of Belfast!

From 2022 NYE straight into New Years Day 2023, back to back weddings and I was buzzing to get started as I got to celebrate these two wedding in Belfast at the famous hotel, The Merchant. This was my first time filming here and this place is grand, and lots of little spots throughout the hotel to have some class video shots along with the side streets just outside. 

Michelle & Darragh's New Years Eve Wedding at Clandeboy Lodge!

It is the last day of 2022, NYE, and this wedding went offff! The whole day took place at Clandeboy Hotel, Belfast and this was a non stop party all day! I don't get to film Groom Preparations often so this was nice to capture as the lads drank whiskey and pints of Guinness' before midday! The girls didn't disappoint either, and more importantly Michelle looked amazing in her wedding dress, as you can see! Clandeboy Hotel is situated just outside central Belfast, a perfect location to throw a massive wedding party! 

With the Xmas spirit still in the air, this was a wedding that you did not want to miss! 

Niamh & Anthony's Intimate Wedding in Tyrone

Another day, another wedding as I took a 90 minute trip to Silverbirches Hotel in Tyrone. These two kept it small and classy, surrounded by their loved ones it was such a beautiful day for them to remember. Niamh here is 16 weeks pregnant but that did not stop her sipping her sparkling orange and throwing shapes on the dance floor. 

Sasha & Shane's Lough Erne Wedding

I ventured down to the Lough Erne, in County Fermanagh to shoot a wedding for Cool FM's Journalist, Sasha Wylie and now husband, Shane. It's so good when you get a couple who listen to my crazy ideas and think nothing of it - my kinda peeps! 

Their guests were also up for the craic and I had the most fun filming. This video contains quite a lot throughout the day, so buckle up!

Northern Ireland really has some amazing venues, this one is right up there! 

Kathryn & Matthew's 

Battling the snow to get to the bridal preparation proved my only issue on the day! Once I finally arrived it was all go go go.. Kathryn really was shy, probably the most shyest person I have filmed to date but this did not stop me grabbing footage and producing a wonderful film for them. Times like this I really have to be careful with the 'intrusive' line, but she handled it so well. Matthew was fine, absolutely loved the camera! 

These two got married at The Beech Hill venue in Derry. They bossed the outdoor photos as I think adrenaline took over, my fingers did not! Nevertheless I got what we needed. I think she was surprised with how well she did too!

Anne-Marie & Brian

Christmas has arrived and I had the pleasure to film Anne-Marie and hubby, Brian. These two kept their day romantic throughout the day. Though the weather poured down the energy stayed up. 

Caitriona & Ryan's wonderful Irish Wedding!

I had the pleasure to film these two and I knew what I was walking into as I've known Brew (Ryan) for a few years. Full of energy and laughter, these two gave me plenty of footage to work with. Though the wedding was against us, it did not stop us! 

Catherine & Connel's Rustic Riverdale Barn Wedding!

Autumn has arrived with Catherine & Connel at Riverdale Barn. My first time at this rustic venue and I am hoping this will not be my last. 

These two had all the fun with their indoor, cosy ceremony to speeches in the barn which was a new way for me to film. Very quirky for this couple, I loved it! As the day progressed these two did not shy away from the camera as I was able to get plenty of content of them both, from bridal preparations to the first look, to the first dance, they did not disappoint! 

Hayley & Johnny's Perfect Parisian Wedding in the heart of Belfast!

This wedding was booked last minute and I can't thank the company who pulled out to film this as this wedding was class from start to finish! The bridal/groom party went on a mini pub crawl around Belfast after the ceremony, I won't lie this was great as everyone was stopping the couple for a photo!  by far the best moment was the elevator scene at Parisian Restaurant. I was finally able to get creative with these two and personally I loved it! 

Kelly-Marie & Adam's Happy Hillmount House Wedding in Northern Ireland!

Everyones wedding are beautifully unique and tailored to your taste, no matter how big or small, loud or quiet you have your wedding I absolutely love it. These two lovebirds really didn't disappoint entertaining their guests at Hillmount House, Larne. Northern Ireland really does not miss a beat as far as wedding venues go, this is right up there!

Though this was my first time at this venue, they have made me a supplier for their venue and I really look forward to meeting more couples here. From Irish dancers, a swing band for canopies and reception, and the highlight of the night will be surprise singing waiters they had, this wedding had everything, so much we all forgot about cutting the cake until I remembered when I was about to leave!  

Rachel & Neil's Romantic Wedding at The Rabbit Hotel!

What I like about my couples is I usually end up talking to them quite a bit before the big day, Rachel and I definitely became BFF and still talk to this day months after the wedding! This is how I know I am in the right job, I treat everyone like I have known them for years! 

However these two nutters are exactly that, crazy! CRAZY IN LOVE! I do not know how they found the energy to stay energetic but it was a joy to watch and a pleasure to film. Sit back folks, this one gets messy! The loft/Rabbit hotel is one of the top 5 venues to get married at. With its fantastic outdoor pool and spa facilities, it's more than "just a wedding venue", its a getaway! 

Aimee & Darragh

A new venue for me today as wedding celebrations took place at Roe Park Resort, Limavady. These two really knew how to turn up! And they really did this in some style. The speeches was one to remember, maybe not for the best man haha. I think the most fitting part was their first dance and they had their two best friends do an acoustic guitar set for them in front of their guests - this truly was special!

Catherine & John

Another shy couple who absolutely loved being in front of the camera really, and this video does not shy away from the reality of their love for one another. Surrounded by their friends and family I was able to capture the bridal prep through to the first dance! The Wool Tower is a respected wedding venue which does not disappoint. 

Olivia & Ryan

A beautiful hot summers day as we started the day off in Enniskillen, Fermanagh for the bridal prep and ceremony then jumped on the motorway to continue the wedding at The Rabbit Hotel (which is probably one of the best venues I've worked in!). The couples who say they are "camera shy" are the best ones, because they aren't! I think the funniest part of the night was Ryans sister who is full of beans slipped over and definitely tore a ligament in her foot.. which did not stop her dancing the night away with one foot up on the chair as she's holding her G&T! 

Orla & Andrew

The biggest compliment I had with these two was that they wanted me to capture their wedding so much they paid my travel and hotel accommodation so of course it was massively important that I gave them the best wedding video EVER! Galway is such a cool location and this venue had everything! I can't thank Orla and Andrew are the complete couple goals, check the video if you want to see soppy! 

Leona & Alex

After two toll stops, one service station stop to pee and eat I finally made it to Killashee Hotel, Naas - and wow, what a venue! 

These two are crazy in love, though they were camera shy I don't think you'll notice that they are in this video. I have to say it was completely worth the 3-4 hour drive and stay over and it was a privilege to capture their beautiful day in front of their lovely guests. 

PS. No joke, the church has to be the biggest church I have ever seen! 

Stephanie & Alexi

This wedding had people from all over the globe! Turkey, Canada, South Africa, Ireland, UK.. it went on and this day did not disappoint! These two really did follow each other and found love, even if they weren't seeking it. Their vowels to each other was so beautiful even I felt emotional and there was so much lust between them that you felt the passion. 

Saanjevani & Kelvin's Marvelous Mercure Wedding!

I travelled back to my homeland in Surrey to film Saanj' & Kelvins wonderful wedding day at the Mercure Hotel, Box Hill. Saanj' is from the Netherlands and these two met in Cardiff at University and have been together ever since! These two finally got to have their wedding day they deserve in front of their loving guests and they partied HARD! With a mixture of cultures it was a beautiful blend and one I am really fortunate to have filmed. The day was full of enetertainment, Saanj' has siblings who are professional dancers who involved the whole wedding party (and in the end all the guests too!). I really hope to be back in Surrey filming more weddings, the area has so much potential! 

Catherine & Conor

Catherine, a Canadian and Conor, an Irishman who live in the UK came to Northern Ireland to tie the knot at The Hilden Brewery. With a mixture of guests form all over the world these two really did have the best wedding day surrounded by their loving friends and guests. What I like about this wedding was it's uniqueness from the traditional weddings I film. They had their bridal preparation together in this big quirky house in Newtownabbey followed by an outdoor ceremony at The Hidden Brewery and a Tippee reception in the glorious sunshine! If you want to see laid back but party vibe then watch this!

Rebecca & Will

Everything about this day was class! The guests, the team I got to work alongside, the food but ultimately the bride and groom.

They were madly in love throughout the day, I can see these two going the whole distance with their marriage. This day brought a great surprise for the guests when the Irish dancers came out and entertained. This kick started the evening dooo, I'm sure there were a few sore heads the next day! 

Louise & Dylan's Lusty Love at Lusty Beg! 

Whoa! these two are crazy in love. They been together 15 years, have two children and the way they look at each other is like the first time they met. They both just wanted to be around their guests all day so the ceremony was quick, probably my quickest ceremony to date! The sun was blazing at Lusty Beg, drinks were in full flow and by the time the band were ready to jam EVERYONE was in the best spirits! I think Dylan losing himself through his speech was the turning point, he couldn't hold back the tears but it felt perfect. As for Lusty Beg, an island on its own in Northern Ireland, County Fermanagh, it is definitely worth visiting especially if you get the perfect weather these two had!

Rebekka & Mark's Blessy' Blessingbourne Wedding!

My first time to Blessingbourne Estate in Fivemilwtown and by far the perfect venue for a intimate wedding. 

Surrounded by field, a huge mansion, stables and plenty of places to sneak off to, this wedding had everything and these two had the whole day planned excellently. It was so good that the mother of the bride was so sure she wasn't going to cry.. well, I captured her crying! To be honest, I feel I captured so much more than I expected, their teasers they received came in two parts! 

Blessingbourne Estate is very much for the intimate couples. If you're seeking somewhere that has wonderful views, and smaller scale wedding receptions but has the option for further space then this is your vibe! 

Aoife & Shane

Most of you will know.. I pretty much love weddings! My cousin Shane was marrying his sweetheart, Aoife at the Ballymagarvey Village in County Meath and they asked me to film some bits for them. Of course, I said yes! So here's some content of the lovely two after their ceremony with the gang. 

Melissa & Richie's Vegas Baby Wedding!

I know, I know.. I film weddings all the time but it would be rude of me not to have my day involved in this blog! Also, my wife looks amazing and deserved a video! 

June 17th 2017 I got down on one knee and popped the question in Brighton, the one place we both feel completely at home!

Life changed quickly then moved to N.Ireland and plans got pushed back. The aim was to have a 2019 wedding in the south of France, then that didn't happen. Then we saw some places in Ireland, then the pandemic decided to butt-in! Then after numerous postponement we really could not be bothered and to be honest a town hall event was our next best thing, then a light bulb moment happened between us and the Vegas countdown began! We tied in a Lovers & Friends 2022 festival, a pool party, Area 15, a professional photoshoot around Vegas hot spots, we drank and ate too much, baked in the sun and hit up a strip club together (that was a moment!).

 I wasn't going to film nowhere near as much and just take in the day but when I saw her in her dress, she really did take my breath away! 

Lois & Andrew

This wedding was supposed to have taken place many moons ago.. of course, the pandemic had other plans for them and many others but Lois and Andrew persevered and eventually got the wedding day they had dreamed of! The week building up to this the weather was brutal with wind and rain but not this day, nothing was ruining this! With the sunshine on their face they were able to have an outdoor ceremony and pictures at Farnham Estate. Like I said, nothing was going to get in the way of this occasion.. just watch and see.

Clarice & Ryan

I'm not one for crying or getting close to it but when Clarice approached Ryan down the aisle, I was very close. Ryans reaction was right in the feels! Clarice looked amazing and Ryans reaction was e v e r y t h i n g ! ( lads, take note to get many brownie points!!) Ballyscullion Park is everything it is hyped up to be with its incredible grounds. The staff are nothing but friends and really did bend over backwards for these two and all their guests. As much as the day was about these two love birds, the bubbas took a lot of the attention with their cuteness and then throw a puppy into it all - well it is a cuteness overload!

Karen & Conor Beautiful Belfast Wedding!

A Belfast wedding like no other!! These two had the best views at Ten Square Hotel in the heart of Northern Ireland. Karen and I spoke lots towards the build up and when I finally met Conor I knew this day was going to be class! This was my first city wedding, hopefully won't be my last, but these two have all the ingredients to live a happy marriage along with their absolutely crazy two daughters. I'm not sure if I had too much of a good time, but this was like I was filming two of my best  friends. 

Sarah & John

This cookie really turned on the style and turned up to Lusty Beg on a private boat! With the sun on their face and the wind on their back, together they walked into marriage with confidence. Sarah was constantly smiling and John delivered probably the best speech grooms speech I have ever heard! Congratulations you two, ya'll deserve each other. 

Caoimhe & Thomas

My first wedding of 2022 has finally kicked off and we start the year at The Lough Erne Resort, Enniskillen. Caoimhes family have had it rough over the past year with her father unfortunately passing away in 2021, so this wedding was super important to everyone involved.. and it was a spectacle to say the least! From all day sunshine, a caricature, a string quartet and live music - this wedding had everything!

Shannen & Kurtis's NYE Wedding!

It’s the last day of 2021! Everyone is buzzing that its NYE and about to celebrate their besties getting married, no doubt their guests will be talking about this day for years to come. 


Take a look at their wedding day at Larchfield Estate, Lisburn. 

Sophie & Gerard

When it’s your wedding day in December and you can mix Christmas decorations in on your day!! That is what winning is! 


Enjoy the winter spirit at Sophie & Gerards big day at Lusty Beg.

Rachel & Ben's Million Dolla' Millbridge Court Wedding!

A restored 19th Century House in the heart of Surrey countryside, this is 100% a perfect wedding venue for Rachel and Ben!

From emails to sliding into my DMs, I felt like I had known this couple for years. So, when I finally met them both on their wedding day, they had the cheek to tell me that they were nervous in front of the camera?! You tell me, I did not see any ‘shy vibes’ but I definitely see why these two were made for each other. 

This wedding had it all. Shiny shoes, a string quartet playing you down the aisle, surprise singing waiters, a Bruno Mars style band, plus much more and here it is…

Louise & Jamie 

The weather all week was miserable except for this one day where the gloomy clouds disappeared and the sunshine shone.. the cold chill was still in the air but we’ll take that. 


Louise and her bridesmaids looked stunning, and I’m a sucker for a black tux and the lads looked mint! The Four Seasons hotel did not disappoint either, they really did a great job looking after (what I think was) 200 guests. 


The day was class but the icing on the cake was the surprise Saxophonist, Holly, who delivered the best set with DJ Maggi! Louise had no clue about this.. well played Jamie, brownie points for sure for that. 


Grab yourself a Gin & Tonic and party with the gang! 

Yasmin & Shakeel

I was lucky enough to have known Shakeel before I started my videography business started. He booked me years in advance and then the pandemic delayed them a year so it was great to finally get this show on the road! Love was in the air for this one, a hypnotist wasn’t able to change that! 

Cheryl & Scott

These two had faith in my work they even asked me to shoot their engagement photos. We became so close to the build-up of their wedding, they even asked me to stay and be a guest after filming and join them at their part 2 wedding the next day. Scott is also in the video biz so now and then we have worked with each other, when it came to the special day the three of us were relaxed, I can happily call them my friends for life! 


Like Joey from Friends, I don’t share food.. but I was begging Cheryl to eat something before her ceremony and the next thing we’re both sitting on the bed sharing this toastie! 


As a friend and as a guest, I’ll help you on your wedding day as much as I can. The Longs were beaming from the second I arrived, to be honest, I don’t think I was more prouder of a couple.

Emily & Neil's Magical Mallorca Wedding!

These two took me to Mallorca to film their wedding.. hold on I’ll explain. 


I met these two a few months before when I filmed Georgies' (Emily's sister) wedding. Em was one of four bridesmaids whom I had such a vibe with all day. It wasn’t until the evening that the couple moved to me, took me aside and asked me If I would film their wedding in Mallorca. Of course, I was keen, but they also had a few bevvies in them and they hadn’t seen the finished product of Georgie's wedding.. actually, the wedding hadn’t even finished before they asked me?! A few days later I get a message, again asking me the same question... before I knew it they had my flights and hotel paid, deposit paid, and boom... I’m sipping a strawberry daiquiri overlooking a marina yacht club! 


This was a wedding you just know their guests will be talking about for years to come. 


Warning; it will have you longing for summer weddings and rooftop drinks with friends.

Georgie & Charlie Funky Fitzleroi Barn Wedding!

South-East England has some decent barn gems and the Fitzleroi Barn in Pulborough was exactly that! Though the morning was drizzly, the sun made a late arrival and I got all the shots I needed! Georgie and Charlie had me laughing all day, they really are the cutest couple and took the whole day in their stride.  I was able to get plenty of funky content of the two of them and the countryside of Sussex showed amazing scenery. I really hope to be back here filming at this wonderful venue soon enough!

Jordan & Matthew

After many postponements, we FINALLY got this wedding underway. I didn’t sense any nerves, maybe the constant delays played its part? But an outdoor ceremony with your friends and families, the sun beaming down, an owl flying in to bring the rings and a harpist playing you in really set the tone. Larchfield Estate is wonderful, it was my first time here and it is one of Northern Irelands popular and pristine venues. 

Elaine & Eddie

Imagine the reception and band playing in the middle of the day? Yeah, a little unconventional to say the least but it worked! Farnham Estate has a crazy amount of land, and should the weather be on your side you can flip the order of the day to suit the outside. The band were incredible, It felt more like a festival than a wedding.. just a really posh one with cocktails and canapés! 

Lauren & Ryan's 3rd Time Lucky Wedding!

16 months later (thanks to the pandemic) I finally got back to work. I think I was a little emotional to say the least, but this wasn’t a time to reflect about me, Lauren and Ryan really put the best wedding on for their guests. With restrictions eased everyone enjoyed hugging and drinking together, and I’m pretty sure everyone was dancing! It has been a long time coming for these two, The Mill at Ballyduggan in a superb destination if you want that rustic look. Don’t take my word for it.. take a look yourself. 

Grace & Mark

The perfect mix of two cultures came together as Grace and Mark married. For me, it’s the way the families connected from different backgrounds as Marks family were Irish and Graces’ are Zimbabwe. The ceremony was definitely one I’ll remember forever as many had travelled from abroad to be there and continuing the Zimbabwean culture with their singing. It was truly a celebration throughout the day, especially the meal entrance as EVERYONE was dancing. It was some classy style! 

Catherine & James

Not everyday your husband is in a band and got the opportunity to play at his wedding! Though the weather was at its worst, nothing could stop these two getting together and having the best day of their life. 

Nikki & Nathan

A full day at Northern Irelands most glamorous hotels, The Galgorm Hotel & Spa, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to film Nikki & Nathans special day. The venue is amazing, like.. huge! You won’t have any problems finding somewhere to have a beautiful picture, indoor or out! This wedding contained a lot of alcohol towards the end, I don’t blame them after they waited an age to make this happen! 

Natasha & Gareth

With a few postponements, Natasha and Gareth deserved the right to have the best day, best guests, best food and somehow they had the best weather! It was recorded that day it was the hottest its ever been! These two had my in laughing all day, no nerves were showing, it was the best craic all day long! 

Holly & Gary's Beautiful Brookfield Barn Wedding!

Brookfield Barn is such a vibe! The sun was blazing, drinks was pouring and the outdoor ceremony was incredible. As much as the day was beautiful, it was the Motown band that really didn’t disappoint.. oh and the SURPRISE first dance Gary and Holly put together! Don’t believe me? Have a look!

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